Traveling through the city of Channathgate, Keldric Stonebeard, accompanied by Kadrin Brewhammer, pressed on towards their destiny. As the roads before them lay treacherous in path, fighting foes in wake with little sleep, they finally arrive at a town in which to rest. The welcome was not warming, but despite, it was better than resting in the outskirts of this forbidden waste. Little was known of this land or what it had become, but, at this point, it had proven that there still may be hope for the good in the world.

Using his father’s advice, Keldric Stonebeard wore his cloak dirty as night and covering attire in hopes of hiding his true identity. His unfamiliarity with this area proved to be his downfall during this endeavor. After ordering his meal, a woman grasped his attention as he fed his meal to the tavern dog. With this area stricken with plague, Keldric was weary of eating or drinking.

Again, Keldric noticed the woman making eyes towards him in suspicion. As he arose from his seat to take rest in his room, the women grasp his arm in passing. She spoke to him with many questions. Though his plan to hide his identity was first on his mind, the woman revealed to him a secret of her own. She was a Cleric. Once a healer of the lands here in Channathgate, until her right to practice was stricken from her by their lord.

She accompanied Keldic to his chambers so that they may speak privately. More detail was discussed about the meaning of the Lord’s choice to disband all magic, and she informed Keldric that her people were dying. Almost in tears, and fearful for speaking about it, Keldic revealed to her his true identity. He promised this Cleric, a follower of Herius, that he would see the city stricken of the plague at all costs. Seeing the people die by the hundreds of sickness because of one person’s actions, infuriated Keldric as well as Kadrin. They vowed their duties to help the people of Channathgate by following the instructions provided by the Cleric and taking care of the Druid to the north.

As they progress towards the cave north of the city, darkness grew. They noticed trees that almost seemed to be alive and watching them. Pressing onward, slaying all in their path, they reached the cave in which the Cleric spoke of. Out of the darkness arose a man wearing items of a Druidic nature. Upon approach, the now recognized Druid, revealed himself. He spoke to Keldric and Kadrin in a non-threatening manner and asked for assistance from them. As Kadrin preformed various spells in order to gain a better understanding of this faith, Keldric remained ready for battle.

However, un-expectantly, the druid’s words were true. He had been labeled an outcast by the Lord of Channathgate, and he has been forced to move north to the forest. Once a man who assisted the city by providing healing and potions to the people, was now plaguing the lands for the act of one man.

These actions were not agreed upon by either Keldric or Kadrin, but before them now stood a choice they must make alone. Do they kill the Druid to lift the plague from the lands? This may sound as though a great idea to some, but they both know that this will not cause an immediate effect. Many more citizens will still die without the use of potions or spells to cure them. Or do they accept the offer of the druid to lift the plague willingly provided they poison the Lord of Channathgate with the potion the druid was offering? As they thought, Kadrin was more hesitant than Keldric due to his beliefs in Herius, but they both agreed in the end that taking one life to save hundreds more was worth the risk. In hopes to not disappoint their gods, they took the task at hand, and made haste to the city.

Using his abilities, Keldric was able to slip the poison in the water supply on the caravan entering the city. This was not a normal caravan. Only the Lord of Channathgate was allowed to have certain items it possessed such as: clean water, fresh food, and other various items while his city was forced to gather the scraps. With the Lord’s water now poisoned, they returned to the tavern and spoke with the Cleric about the plans. Although she was pleased to hear the plague would be lifted, her concern for her people still remained. With this plan in place, Keldric and Kadrin knew that once the Lord was stricken by the plague he would have no choice but to call upon magic or potions to heal himself.

While Keldric stayed at the tavern, Kadrin accompanied the Cleric to work on various other methods of healing awaiting the Lord’s word and acting as her apprentice. As days past, word was sent by the guards from the Lord’s keep requesting assistance from the Cleric and Kadrin. Upon arrival, they noticed the Lord has been sick for many days. Attempting to perform methods of healing without the use of magic or potions, there was no hope of saving the Lord of Channathgate from assured death. Finally, the Lord requested that Kadrin use magic to heal him. Itching at his tongue to do it hastily, Kadrin refrained. He requested that this be public as the Lord has allowed so many of his people to die from the same sickness which he now possesses. Doing this would force his people to see the good in magic, and how it can be used to help as well as how their own Lord had betrayed, misled their beliefs, and allowed their families to die from the sickness he is not willing to die himself for.

The Lord refused Kadrin’s requests at all costs, and then ordered his guards to kill the Cleric which had befriended him since his beliefs were strong about saving the others in the city. As the Cleric drop dead on the floor with her throat slit, Kadrin went into a rage! Using magic and shielding himself against the blows from the waves of guards, Kadrin leaped out the window screaming for Keldric’s assistance. Badly wounded and hardly able to move, he made his way closer to the tavern where Keldric was located. As the guards were nearly finished with Kadrin’s assignation by removing his head, Keldric came to his brother in arms rescue.

With a single blow, Keldric’s hammer smashed the guards one by one making his way down to save his companion who was near death and bleeding out. Killing guards by the ten’s; Keldric was enraged! Showing no mercy, as the guards kept coming in waves, he continued to fend them off of himself and Kadrin. After bodies began to stack up, the Lord called his men to a halt, but Kadrin told Keldric of the Cleric’s death and how they had been tricked.

Already enraged, this only made Keldric’s hatred grow in masses. He knew that at all costs he must get to the Cleric so that Kadrin could resurrect her. A choice was made to kill them all as he made his way to the tower. Knowing know what they had done to his companion as well as the Cleric, follower of Herius, he saw no other option. One by one and three by three, Kadrin killed every guard in the city until out of nowhere Valdric the Divine appeared. He ordered Keldric to stop with the killing, and he called this to be murdering by the name of Herius.

Keldric thought to himself. How could Herius or Valdric consider this murder when their own cleric, follower of Herius and priest to the Kingdom of Findal, lay dying in his midst? Keldric refused to obey. Pressing onward and feeling betrayed by his own gods that he fought for; he killed every guard in the city and denounced Herius, Valdric, and any others who opposed his decision. After reaching the castles tower, Keldric took the body of the Cleric to Kadrin where they assisted her in her return to life.

This will be our last report to the Kingdom of Findal or any of the followers of Herius or like deities. My choices were just, as so the both of us believe it to be. We will not stand ideally bye as someone allows their people to be killed nor will we stand to allow anyone to kill us. We have no personal reason to harm anyone in the Kingdom of Findal nor do we intend to. This is personal between us and the gods for their damnation towards our loyal service.


Keldric Stonebeard and Kadrin Brewhammer

As told by and written by: Keldric Stonebeard and Kadrin Brewhammer.


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