Battle of the Valley of Lost Honor, Part 1.

With the discovery of the ancient Keep in the Valley of Lost Honor. Albion, Prixxy and Sir Talrin Avatar made their stand against the Kobold army that marched upon them from the Kobold Mountains of the Kobold Mountains.

Albion released waves of magic down upon them like fire from the skies. With hundreds of Kobolds dead, the Kobold King sent forth his remaining Kobolds to storm the walls of the Keep and a monstrous troll to break down the main gate.

The heroes stood their ground, not giving into their fear. Sir Avatar’s banner stood high upon the keep as a badge of courage to his companions.

While Albion watched over the main gate, Sir Avatar and Prixxy stood at the top of the Keep fighting back Kobold after Kobold that stormed over the walls edge.

As morning approached the efforts of the Kobold Army was defeated, leaving only the King of the Kobolds to flee east towards the Peaks of the Flame. Calling forth the Flame Drakes that could be heard roaring in the distance to seek out the heroes in a last ditch effort to stop the heroes quest in rooting out the evil armies preparing to march upon the country of Valusia.


I would like to thank Albion for saving me from the Kobolds that almost overtook me. Your help is much appreciated. Now let us defeat these Fire Drakes as if they were nothing!


You are most welcome. I am just sorry I could not take down the king before he could get off his signal. It would have made our jobs significantly easier. Let us hope that we have the power left to take care of the drakes.

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