Battle of the Valley of Lost Honor, Part 2.

Before the dawn broke Albion was called away by the Academy of Magic. In his stead Sir Quintin Seraph, a Paladin of the church came in his place. Also Sir Avatar made his leave as well and rejoining Prixxy was Daran Stormbow. Now as dawn was breaking upon the Keep the adventures could see the Fire drakes swooping down for them. Prixxy took cover in the stair well with Daran and Sir Quinten taking cover against the keeps wall. Once a few duck and covers happened and the adventures took down the mighty Fire Drakes, only to be visited by Lord Vardark.

Lord Vardark warned the group that they were only getting one warning and to leave the Jungles of Cult. As he left he left a Demonic Seed of Fire in his wake. A gateway that Sir Quintin knew was a demonic religious portal powered by a obsidian gem. With the knowledge given to them by the King of Roses the group ventured fourth to the Peaks of Flame.

As told by and Written by: Prixxy Kneebiter


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