Gnoll army in the east has been defeated!

Keldric Stonebeard and Kadrin Brewhammer currently in the country of Dambrath to the East have reported that the Gnoll Army of the Gnollwatch Mountains has been defeated.

In addition the captives of the Tomb of Castle Grimm have been returned to their homes in the city of Maarlith.

Soon after their victory, Keldric and Kadrin were hunted down by an evil Death Knight of Gulthore’s army, the Death Knight attacked without hesitation. Keldric defeated the Death Knight, but not before his dear friend and traveling companion Kadrin Brewhammer suffered a loss of his left hand.

With Kadrin in critical condition, Keldric sought the aid of the elves in the forest of Lluirwood to the east of the country Dambrath.

Kadrin is reported to be recovering and in stable condition, and will soon be returning to Valusia for some R&R.


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