Heroes venture north of the West Wall Keep! Jungles of Chult - Part 1

King Finn Dally dispatched Servants of the Crown to track down the scouts of the Knights of the Watch that did not return from a routine patrol north of the wall. Briefed by Sir Talrin Avatar, the adventurers included Albion Atenius Faunshroud, Prixxy Kneebiter, and Daran Stormbow.

Meeting up with Sir Avatar to get information to arm themselves in their service to the king. They were informed of mysterious rose bushes that seem to come alive. They went along through the plains and jungle meeting spiders, snakes, and other creatures in their travels before coming upon a group of standing stones being used by the sprites as a base. These standing stones were a druidic site of power, once used by the worshipers of Allanon. The site was now home to the Rosewood Thorn Clan. The heroes ventured into the underground cave clearing it room by room.

However the leader of the sprites, a sprite calling himself The King of Roses was to much for them. Daran heroically put himself at risk to save Albion and they retreated through a hidden passage. Their work is unfinished, but they gathered considerable information. They discovered a plot to poison the keep and relayed the information and camped long enough to regain their strength for a second assault.

to be continued…


We also discovered that they had giant worker bees packing honey into barrels to be shipped either to make honey mead or selling to guards at the West wall. Once I return I will be bringing some of this precious honey back to Kadrin Brewhammer.


Perhaps when and if the kingdom sees fit to assist the druids in reclaiming the site they can locate and harvest the honey like the sprites were. Preferably without the poison off course. Not that it would not make for a decent business it would just be far too easy to track and would harm future sales if they poisoned it. The additional monies from curing said poisonings would not make up for the money lost on future sales of honey. I will look into what sort of influence I can have on diplomatic and trade policies. There are definitely diplomatic, mystical, and strategic advantages to having the site restored.

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