Jungles of Chult, Part 2

After regaining their strength, Prixxy, Albion and Daran were joined by a familiar face at their camp site not too far from the entrance to the Rosewood Thorn Clan cave. Sir Talrin Avatar arrived with a message from the king. Along with supplies, the message called Daran Stormbow a newly appointed Knight of the Watch to return to Valusia to assist in an investigation. Sir Avatar was to take Daran’s place, and after a brief discussion about how best to proceed they returned to the druidic site. After brief goodbyes, Talrin, Prixxy and Albion set out to return to the druidic site.

Making quick work of the Treant like constructs that guarded the entrance to the Rosewood Thorn Clan. With the guardians dealt with they returned to the sprites underground lair to find almost everything cleared out and a pair of sprites telling them that their king desired an audience. The group had their audience with the king, and were informed of several forces preparing to do great damage to the kingdom. The King of Roses agreed to take his sprite people and leave this area if the heroes could deal with the local Owlbear’s keeping them from fleeing north.

The group dealt with the owlbears allowing the sprites to finish their evacuation in accordance with the deal they struck with the sprite king. The owlbears proved to be little trouble for the group and were quickly dealt with. Afterward they discussed how best to deal with the rest of their problems. Head west and deal with the Kobold army massing to invade Valusia or seek out the evil necromancer in the Peaks of Flame that is controlling dragons.They chose to deal with the kobolds due to the army offering a greater threat and being easier for them to deal with given their abilities.

They headed west to the Valley of Lost Honor. Prixxy and Talrin did quite well in assailing the kobold outpost clearing it out without any trouble until one kobold was too quick and managed to get off a blast from its horn and call the rest of the army down upon them. They are now awaiting the arrival of an army and hoping that their wizard can pull his weight in this upcoming battle.


Albion my friend, I wanted to tell you that I have complete faith in your abilities as a wizard and know that even in the face of this massive kobald army headed for us you will shine and bring us through this safely. I would also like to wish a fond farewell to Daran Stormbow. I hope that our paths will cross again. As you leave us I would like to welcome Sir Avatar whom is joining us since your departure. Sir Avatar it has been an honor to travel with you thus far.
Jungles of Chult, Part 2

Well, at least now I can make use of proper distances. Those constricted environments were a pain given the nature of my magics. Working from a tower in open field I can blast them to bits until they get a lucky shot and take me down. Or I just decide it would be a great time to take a nap. Then it will be up to you to kill them. Given what I have seen you do so far an army of kobolds should not be hard for you to kill if I fail. As long as you can stay hidden you could take out the entire army without our assistance. And if the stories are correct Sir Avatar has already done something similar once. You two should be able to take care of everything once they get too close for my abilities to be as effective. I too will miss Mr. Stormbow, it is not often that someone risks their life to save mine, but welcome the assistance of Sir Avatar.

Jungles of Chult, Part 2
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