Seekers Guild: Taking down Tashluta

After getting across Daran decides to check on Sir Quinten. Prixxy watched the device that was there to harness the sea monster. Seeing no way to stop it she rejoined Sir Quinten and Daran. They proceeded to the high tower where a necromancer, known as “The Flesh Herder” was staying. Daran decided at this point to stay outside the door to protect us from anything coming in. Once inside Sir Quinten and Prixxy battled two Basilisks two Minotaurs and the necromancer. Things however did not pan out for the two. Sir Quinten got turned into stone, and Prixxy was fascinated by an albino Drow assassin, becoming captured and her items taken. Things looking very grim for the two until from nowhere appeared none other than the Argent Champion Arcsind Stormbow. Saving Prixxy and Sir Quinten and capturing the Necromancer and his book of dead speech.

But the heroes were unable to stop the evil plot to capture and control the great sea monster “Kraken”.

As told by and Written by: Prixxy Kneebiter


Argent Champion Arcsind Stomrbow,

I am forever in your debt, and if one day I can return the favor and be of assistance. Please do not hesitate to ask.


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