Seekers Guild: Tashluta

Once arriving at Tashluta Prixxy and Sir Quinten reunited with Daran Stormbow. They looked at the city realizing it is a former shell of itself. There once beautiful city full of nobles now gave way to a sunken in city full of slaves and guards. After much deliberation Sir Quinten, Daran, and Prixxy decide to sneak into the city by getting caught as slaves. Once in the city Prixxy started to free Daran and Sir Quinten, but getting caught they worked faster. Once there was a break in the weaves of guards, Daran and Prixxy made their way across in a rope and pully type bucket leaving Sir Quinten to guard the ropes and help the slaves.

As told by and Written by: Prixxy Kneebiter


diceandpaper diceandpaper

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