Seekers Guild: To Tashluta

Prixxy and Sir Quinten adventured onward in the down poor of rain and thunder. During the night when they camped, Sir Quinten rested and Prixxy kept guard. During her watch she looked out toward the sea swearing she seen a giant sea creature larger than six ships. She hurriedly woke Sir Quinten up, but to her dismay the creature had disappeared, but the large wave that came in supported somewhat that there had actually been a sea creature of large size in the ocean. Sir Quinten then took over watch as Prixxy got some rest.

In the morning the storm was getting worse pushing the adventures into the jungle to avoid the massive storm and seek better shelter. After a few days of travel the two arrived at territory of Lundeth where the Ogres required a toll to pass onward. Prixxy paid the toll for her and Sir Quinten and proceeded on toward Tashluta.. Once pass the Ogres the weather began to break making the rest of travel easier and more pleasant.

As told by and Written by: Prixxy Kneebiter


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