Albion Atenius Faunshroud

Former student of the Academy of Magic. Former scholar and treasurer for the Kingdom of Findal. Now Councilman for the Country of Dambrath, Owner of Alchemic Incorporated.


Albion “Albie” was born into a family of magic users. They passed down their studies through the generations. When the evil took hold over the central continent Albion’s Grandparents knew that anyone connected to the Towers of Wizardry would be killed. Hiding who they truly were Albion’s Grandparents fled south to the land of Valusia to start a new life. The few that revealed themselves paid the price when the forces of evil swept through the land. For generations Albion’s Grandparents and then his parents hid who they truly were, passing themselves for simple common folk among the people of Valusia. Then something wonderful happened. Heroes returned to Valusia and they did not have to hide their magic anymore, but for Albion’s parents the wait was to long.

Albie had been chaffing under this restriction his entire life and would likely have ended up blowing his cover at some point. He could not stand having all this power and pretending he was just some mundane kid. Killing rats patching up stuff with his magic just was not cutting it. He wanted to see how far his magic could take him and to witness all those people who had looked down on him for his bookish ways choke on their words and deeds. Having no living relatives after his parents passed, Albion sold his family’s farm and everything he owned and enrolled into the Academy of Magic. A new school founded by the High Wizard of the Realm, Malzaine Loreweaver.

This would mark a new beginning for not only for Albion, but his family and the battle against evil.

Albion Atenius Faunshroud

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