Elessar Deathsong (Dead)

Half-Elf Bard, Hero of the City of Endin and Bard of the Kings Court for Kingdom Findal. Died in the War of Dread Mountains.


Elessar was raised by Nataliya Baushann, the eldest member of the traveling gypsy group known as The Mysterious Baushann’s. Nataliya found Elessar after returning to the gypsy camp from a performance in a nearby town, Elessar crying, wrapped in shoddy cloth just behind her tent. She, having recently lost her own son, couldn’t help but to take in Elessar as her own.

Elessar had an exciting upbringing constantly being in the spotlight performing with his makeshift family of eccentric performers. He most adored the performance of his mother, Nataliya, whose performance involved many darker tones akin to those seen in necromantic rituals. He would watch his mother and be fascinated by the dark rhythms and visuals.

When Nataliya died from her old age, Elessar continued her dark performances and took them to new heights making the show much more gruesome. These performances earned Elessar the title of “Deathsong”

One day, after performing his act in a simple town. Elessar went to the local tavern and noticed one of the spectators from the show and felt unusually compelled to talk to the man. The two talked as though they had known each other for years. Elessar learned to know this mans name as Arcsind Stormbow, son of Gandro Stormbow, a famous hero famous in the west. Arcsind planned to sail to the west continent in search of his father. Elessar felt compelled to come with this man. He was unsure why, but it just felt right. With his mother gone from The Mysterious Baushann’s, he had little reason to stay with them. So he thought he would go with Arcsind and possibly find greater fame in the lands to the west.

Elessar and Arcsind found a boat sailing to the lands of Valusia, taking any and all willing adventurers. On this boat they met the warrior Tora, the sorceress Ashling Greengem, the druid Cythien, and the Mysterious Grey’tran Shadowbane. When they arrived on the west continent they quickly found work in eradicating the unrelenting forces of the Black Spear Tribe. They were hired by Flagongut of the Explorer’s League, to rid of the damned goblins from the area. After gathering what they could from the locals around Endin, they headed out for a cave they heard of bearing Black Spear markings.

The party came up to the cave and found two goblins guarding its entrance. They quickly dispatched of the scouts and headed inside. Flagongut felt too scared to move inside just yet with the party so Elessar stayed with him while the rest of the party went inside to investigate further. As soon as the rest of the party got inside, Elessar and Flagongut were ambushed by two more Black Spear Goblins, which Elessar delt with quickly with his blade. After the fight Elessar led Flagongut into the cave feeling it must be safer with the party inside the cave. Inside the party had wiped out the majority of the goblins occupying it. Searching around the cave they noticed a trap door leading deeper into the cave. Gray’tran jumped right in and startled something further into the cave. The rest of the party proceeded and found a goblin shaman and a large mutated goblin. The fight was one sided in the goblins favor until Tora threw a perfect javelin right through the mutated goblins eye to kill it instantly. The shaman was easy pickings after that.

The blade that the mutated goblin had was rather appealing to Elessar. He picked it up after the battle and claimed it as his own. The rest of the party examined the area and found a large amount of supplies with an insignia on them that was of the merchants guild known in Losstom. Arcsind found a book detailing many monsters in the Valusia area. Elessar after grabbing his shiny new blade joined the rest of the party in the search and found a document written in Goblin that detailed commands to the Black Spear tribe from the Silent Hand. Elessar immediately reported this information to Flagongut.

Elessar then went back to Endin to deliver the news to one of the representatives of the Merchants Guild. The rest of the party stayed back to await the rest of the Explorers League to come to the cave and investigate it further.

Elessar met back up with the party and they decided to head to the town of Losstom in search of more adventure. There they had a bit of fun in the local tavern the White Well. Elessar was given a chance to perform his routine. Right at the start of it, an unexpected guest arrived, King Finn Dally! Elessar played and the tavern started to move, his songs lighting up the tavern. The King was enthralled and loved the performance. Finn Dally joined Elessar on stage and gave the White Well a performance of his own. After Elessar’s performance he was approaching by a fair maiden wishing to lay with him, he tried to resist but he couldn’t resist her offer. King Finn Dally noticed the pair walking off into a back room and couldn’t help but to join in on the action! After his, “fun”, Elessar noticed a large fight brewing between his friends and a drunk. He decided he didn’t want any of that going on and put all of them to sleep!

King Finn Dally invited the group to a party he was throwing at Helm’s Deep. Extending a personal invitation to Elessar for him to perform at the party. The party lasted more than 8 hours and even involved a duet with Elessar and Finn Dally. This event gained Elessar much of the fame he so desired.

After what seemed like a never ending party, Elessar and his party found more adventure in a jungle east of Helms Deep that had been growing at an alarming rate. In the heart of the jungle they found of the tome of the ancient Druid Allanon. It was guarded by a powerful treant, but the druid of the group Cythien had a suprise for al. She was a descendant of Allanons. She prayed to he ancestor and was granted passage into the great Allanons tome. In the tome they found a man stuck at the bottom of the it wrapped up in vines. Elessar noticed the man was clutching a few magical items. This alarmed him, so he decided he would use his bardic abilities to distract the stranger while his allies recovered him and the items. They were successful in doing so and decided to let the stranger live. This decesion would come back to come back and bite the Heros of Endin.

Elessar and company came back to Endin to find a mystery for them to solve. There was a murder in cold blood right in the middle of town. Their investigation led them all around town, but Arcsind eventually picked up the trail and it led the party straight to an underground trading area full of shady characters. Elessar went in and strolled about the bazaar finding a guitar they he absolutely fell in love with. It was made from darkwood stained with a dark blue finish and stringed up with golden strings. Shortly after making his purchase, multiple members of the Silent Hand burst in and started slaughtering people left and right! Elessar and his allies sprung into action and took down all of the assailants.
After the battle Elessar heard screams coming from the surface. He and the party rushed outside to find the city burning and citizens being attacked. The party sprung into action and quickly helped to eliminate the enemies before them. Elessars songs inspired the townspeople to keep calm and fight back, whilst demoralizing the enemy.

After all his heroic deeds, King Finn Dally dubbed Elessar to be the Bard of the Kings court for Findal. He accepted this great honor with joy as he had found the great fame he so desired.

High Wizard Malzaine deciphered some of the scripture of the Bood of the Dead Speech and recruited heroes to the cause of fighting the Drow before they could attack Velusia. Elessar jumped at this chance to help his kingdom and further his fame, but little did he know this would be the last time his songs would be heard.

The battle was long and arduous, and Elessar’s inspiring and healing songs kept his comrades morale high. His Clay Golem he crafted just for this battle destroyed all who would dare come close to the heros. They were doing exceptionally well until the deep dragon Phazeroth was summoned to battle and gave the heros their biggest challenge to date. Elessar fought hard and tried his damnedest to distract his foe with his songs. It worked at first but, the support of the mindflayers kept his mind focused. Elessar then had to deal with his foe one on one, but he wasn’t a match for the ferocity of the great dragon. The dragon snapped Elessar up in his great jaws and swallowed him whole.

Elessars songs that day turned the tide in the hero’s favor and made them come out victorious.

Elessar Deathsong (Dead)

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