Keldric Stonebeard

Prince and heir to the northern dwarven kingdom of Killion, Dwarf Fighter.


Keldric is a large dwarf standing just over 4 feet 8 inches tall and weighing 250 pounds. He has brown hair with brown eyes and a beard which is braided in 5 directions with plate steel at each end binding his braids. His plate armor is made from the finest steel in the land of Valusia.

Keldric is a battle driven dwarf who has grown up in a life of troubled times. He has learned the art of fighting through his blood and closest friends. In the midst of battle, Keldric will stop at nothing to slay what stands in his way of reclaiming his throne and his Dwarven people back to the rightful kingdom of the North.


Male Dwarf Fighter.
Prince of the Northern Dwarven Kingdom.
Son of Killian Stonebeard, King of the Dwarven Lords.

Keldric was raised in the Kingdom of Stoutham, a Dwarven kingdom of miners and builders. Raised by his mother, wife of Killian, his true identity kept a secret from him for his own protection. During the attack of the Blood Red Moon, the Kingdom of Stoutham fell under attack. His mother killed, Keldric survived due to his mothers sacrifice of locking him into a cellar and distracting an attacking Warlock.

During his time in the cellar he discovered a hidden chest, contained in the chest were scrolls detailing his birth rite and bloodline to the King of the Dwarven Lords Killian. Attached to a letter wrote personally to him from his father Killian was the Iron Ring of Dwarvish Lords. After the attack, Keldric with no family left and feeling no place for him in the Kingdom of Stoutham, headed east to seek of the King of Valusia.

Revealing to King Finn Dally and High Wizard Malzaine Loreweaver who he was and presenting the scrolls of the Northern Kingdom, King Finn Dally offered Keldric a posistion as a Servant of the Crown and training to become a King worthy of his crown to the north. Under the mentoring of Malzaine Loreweaver, Keldric was given many studies to prepare him for Kingship. In addition King Finn Dally dispatched Keldric in service of the Kingdom of Findal.

Keldric traveled North East to the Lick Toad Tribe Village, assisting Chief Gutwad in the clearing the Brinestump Marsh and killing his evil ex-wife Vorka. Also hunting down a magical beast called “Lots Legs” a giant spider, wreaking havoc on the local area.

Returning from the Lick Toad Tribe Village, Keldric served as prosecutor on the court case of the Kingdom of Findal vs. Karl Boran and Sicar.

Keldric then traveled North of the East Wall Keep in a quest to clear out the ancient Castle Grimm.

Keldric Stonebeard

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