Battle of the Valley of Lost Honor, Part 1.

With the discovery of the ancient Keep in the Valley of Lost Honor. Albion, Prixxy and Sir Talrin Avatar made their stand against the Kobold army that marched upon them from the Kobold Mountains of the Kobold Mountains.

Albion released waves of magic down upon them like fire from the skies. With hundreds of Kobolds dead, the Kobold King sent forth his remaining Kobolds to storm the walls of the Keep and a monstrous troll to break down the main gate.

The heroes stood their ground, not giving into their fear. Sir Avatar’s banner stood high upon the keep as a badge of courage to his companions.

While Albion watched over the main gate, Sir Avatar and Prixxy stood at the top of the Keep fighting back Kobold after Kobold that stormed over the walls edge.

As morning approached the efforts of the Kobold Army was defeated, leaving only the King of the Kobolds to flee east towards the Peaks of the Flame. Calling forth the Flame Drakes that could be heard roaring in the distance to seek out the heroes in a last ditch effort to stop the heroes quest in rooting out the evil armies preparing to march upon the country of Valusia.

Gnoll army in the east has been defeated!

Keldric Stonebeard and Kadrin Brewhammer currently in the country of Dambrath to the East have reported that the Gnoll Army of the Gnollwatch Mountains has been defeated.

In addition the captives of the Tomb of Castle Grimm have been returned to their homes in the city of Maarlith.

Soon after their victory, Keldric and Kadrin were hunted down by an evil Death Knight of Gulthore’s army, the Death Knight attacked without hesitation. Keldric defeated the Death Knight, but not before his dear friend and traveling companion Kadrin Brewhammer suffered a loss of his left hand.

With Kadrin in critical condition, Keldric sought the aid of the elves in the forest of Lluirwood to the east of the country Dambrath.

Kadrin is reported to be recovering and in stable condition, and will soon be returning to Valusia for some R&R.

Death of Elessar Deathsong!

During the battle of the Dread Mountains, the people of Valusia lost yet another great hero to the perils of war.

Royal Bard, Servant of the Crown and Hero of Endin…

Elessar Deathsong.

He will forever be remembered for his service to the City of Endin, his songs of inspiration during the Battle of King’s Port and his masterful songs of healing during the gruesome battle against the armies of the Dread Mountains.

May his songs be heard for the rest of time.

War with the Drow Army of the Dread Mountains!

The chosen heroes of the Kingdom of Findal waded head on into the Dread Mountains in hopes of attacking the Drow Army before they can stage their first wave of attack.

High Wizard Malzaine Loreweaver
High Priest Dar Day Drinn
Knight of the Watch Arcsin Stormbow
Royal Bard Elessar Deathsong

Four heroes stood between the Land of Valusia and an army of six thousand Drow and any vicious monster they could summon from the depths of the Dread Mountains.

The armies of the Drow marched almost endlessly towards the heroes as they stood at the foundation and base of the Castle of Argent Champions.

Malzaine Loreweaver dispatched all his spells killing over four thousand Drow, flooding the tunnels of the deep with fire and lightning.

The Drow Queen sent forth Trolls, Spiders and Driders to no avail. Including her own group of Anti-Heroes.

The Ranger Arcsin Stormbow’s skills were unmatched that day, spewing forth arrows like a wall of steel for any that threaten the heroes with close combat.

Royal Bard Elessar Deathsong’s healing was suprising to all as he maintained the heroes as the High Priest Dar Day Drinn dealt with the magical darkness of the Drow. Elessar also unleashed his clay golem, the golem wreaked havoc at the will of his master. Its strength and skill in the front line of the battle doing justice to the absence of Valdric the Divine due to his death.

With the battle coming to an end, the victory of the heroes was certainly within their grasp.

But the Drow queen unleashed her greatest trick in the hopes that this would turn the tides of the battle.

A Dragon of the Deep race, Phazeroth!

The battle against Phazeroth was intense, the heroes faced certain defeat. The Drow Queen didnt help things any using her healing to reinforce the attacks of the Deep Dragon.

High Wizard Malzaine Loreweaver quickly studied his spells in hopes of regaining enough magic to fight off the dragon.

But the heroes were not doing so good without the extremely damaging magic of the High Wizard.

Eventually the attacks of the Deep Dragon took its first victim, Elessar Deathsong. He fought bravely, and the heroes knew that if not for him the doom of the heroes would have come much sooner then what they faced now.

There spirits were lifted as Malzaine Loreweaver completed his studies and leaped into action sending wave after wave of magical spells at the Deep Dragon and the Drow Queen.

Finally bringing death to their enemies and sealing the victory of the heroes of Valusia.

Jungles of Chult, Part 2

After regaining their strength, Prixxy, Albion and Daran were joined by a familiar face at their camp site not too far from the entrance to the Rosewood Thorn Clan cave. Sir Talrin Avatar arrived with a message from the king. Along with supplies, the message called Daran Stormbow a newly appointed Knight of the Watch to return to Valusia to assist in an investigation. Sir Avatar was to take Daran’s place, and after a brief discussion about how best to proceed they returned to the druidic site. After brief goodbyes, Talrin, Prixxy and Albion set out to return to the druidic site.

Making quick work of the Treant like constructs that guarded the entrance to the Rosewood Thorn Clan. With the guardians dealt with they returned to the sprites underground lair to find almost everything cleared out and a pair of sprites telling them that their king desired an audience. The group had their audience with the king, and were informed of several forces preparing to do great damage to the kingdom. The King of Roses agreed to take his sprite people and leave this area if the heroes could deal with the local Owlbear’s keeping them from fleeing north.

The group dealt with the owlbears allowing the sprites to finish their evacuation in accordance with the deal they struck with the sprite king. The owlbears proved to be little trouble for the group and were quickly dealt with. Afterward they discussed how best to deal with the rest of their problems. Head west and deal with the Kobold army massing to invade Valusia or seek out the evil necromancer in the Peaks of Flame that is controlling dragons.They chose to deal with the kobolds due to the army offering a greater threat and being easier for them to deal with given their abilities.

They headed west to the Valley of Lost Honor. Prixxy and Talrin did quite well in assailing the kobold outpost clearing it out without any trouble until one kobold was too quick and managed to get off a blast from its horn and call the rest of the army down upon them. They are now awaiting the arrival of an army and hoping that their wizard can pull his weight in this upcoming battle.

Strange happenings in Valusia!

Strange things took place in the Land of Valusia, all within one night. King Argorn of Caslte Argorn, King Gromshold of Castle Gromshold have gone missing. Reports say that people closest to the Kings suspect the Drow of the Dread Mountains to be behind the kidnappings.

In addition 2 bar patrons have been murdered. Eye witnesses say the 2 patrons of the bar met with a cloaked figure and shortly there after there bodies were found in the back alley. One ripped to shreads and the other a lifeless corpse with no apparent visual reference to as why he died.

We are still waiting to here from the Kingdom of Findal as to how these matters will be looked into.

Undead army of Castle Grimm and its Tomb defeated!

Update regarding Keldric Stonebeard and Kadrin Brewhammer who are north of the East Wall Keep.
-Reference “Castle Grimm cleared out!” post.
Keldric Stonebeard and Kadrin Brewhammer emerge victorious from The Great Swamp and Castle Grimm. Having put an end to the evil plot to raise the former King of Castle Grimm as Lich and lead and undead army on an invasion of Valusia.

In addition Keldric and Kadrin rescued 13 captives from the country of Dambrath. A necromancer by the name of Tamaris was kidnapping the locals to assist in massing an army of undead. Turning living into undead as well as resurrecting already dead from graveyards in the area. Tamaris also possessed a Book of Dead Speech, entries of which have been deciphered by the Academy of Magic. These writing told of the failure of the undead army and the calling upon the Gnoll tribe from the country of Dambrath to serve as the invasion army.

With that, Keldric and Kadrin headed east to Dambrath to return the captives to there home and meet the Gnoll army head on and stop any invasion attempt.

Only time will tell, if the attack on the east of Valusia can be stopped completely.

Heroes venture north of the West Wall Keep! Jungles of Chult - Part 1

King Finn Dally dispatched Servants of the Crown to track down the scouts of the Knights of the Watch that did not return from a routine patrol north of the wall. Briefed by Sir Talrin Avatar, the adventurers included Albion Atenius Faunshroud, Prixxy Kneebiter, and Daran Stormbow.

Meeting up with Sir Avatar to get information to arm themselves in their service to the king. They were informed of mysterious rose bushes that seem to come alive. They went along through the plains and jungle meeting spiders, snakes, and other creatures in their travels before coming upon a group of standing stones being used by the sprites as a base. These standing stones were a druidic site of power, once used by the worshipers of Allanon. The site was now home to the Rosewood Thorn Clan. The heroes ventured into the underground cave clearing it room by room.

However the leader of the sprites, a sprite calling himself The King of Roses was to much for them. Daran heroically put himself at risk to save Albion and they retreated through a hidden passage. Their work is unfinished, but they gathered considerable information. They discovered a plot to poison the keep and relayed the information and camped long enough to regain their strength for a second assault.

to be continued…

Castle Grimm cleaned out!

Keldric Stonebeard Prince of the Dwarven throne to the North has conquered the dreadful Castle Grimm North of the Eastern Wall.

It was reported from the Kingdom of Findal that reports came in that Keldric Stonebeard had purged the evil from Castle Grimm, which lay in The Great Swamp of Rethild.

In addition, Keldric discovered the Tomb of Castle Grimm after receiving deciphering of ancient archaic writings found on a key from the Academy of Magic. Albion Atenius Faunshroud was said to be the one to decipher the Arcane writing. The writing lead Keldric to the Tomb of Castle Grimm, and warned of a plot to raise a Lich King and undead army to march on the Land of Valusia.

Keldric then called upon Kadrin Brewhammer, Cleric of the Castle Findal to assist in the venture deep into the Tomb of Castle Grimm which lay deep inside the Dread Mountains.

Days later they emerged victorious, said to have put an end to the evil plot to invade Valusia and cleansed the land of all evil and necromancy.

King Finn Dally stated that further information would be provided at the Kings Court Press Conference at Kings Port within the week.

Excerpt: Poem of King Finn Dally

The King of Valusia
Within these walls
I sit upon my throne,
Within these walls
I feel no warmth,
A child of the wood,
I long for sun
And grass beneath my feet.
Yet, I rule these people
Responsibility and a curse,
Perhaps when I’m done
I’ll return to the earth.


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