Lick Toad Village

Chief Gutwad
Land: Lick Toad Tribe Village
Location: North of the City of Endin, South of the East Wall Keep, West of the Brinestump Marsh

Following entry provided by Keldric Stonebeard:

Sent by King Finn Dally of lands of Valusia to win the hearts of the Goblin Lich Toad Tribe, Keldric Stonebeard traveled to meet with King Gutwad of the Lich Toad Village. Upon arrival to the Lich Toad Village, Prince Keldric Sonebeard was greeted by the tribes Shaman and direct assistant to the Chief, Goblin Slorb. Prince Keldric spoke with Slorb about his presence and requested to speak with Chief Gutwad. He was then escorted to his keep where the chief awaited his presence.

As Keldric arrived at the Chief Gutwads quarters, he smelled the stench of rotten Goblin food boiling which was almost turning his stomach. Holding his composure, Keldric spoke with the king about his troubles with the Brine Stump Marsh. The Goblin Chief asked for Keldric’s assistance in exchange for his loyalty to the Kingdom of Findal.

Chief Gutwad told of his troubles with a large creature named “Lots Legs” that has been plaguing their hunting grounds which has led to his people’s inability to properly hunt for food. He also asked that Keldric clear out the Brine Stump Marsh of any additional creatures plaguing the area and to retrieve the fireworks as proof of his deeds. The Goblin Chief made mention of his hatred toward his ex-wife, Vorka who had left his tribe many years ago. She has been assisting in ensuring he was not able to properly care for his people.

Prince Keldric Stonebeard of the Northern Lands made it his personal mission to not only free the hunting grounds for Chief Gutwad’s people, but in addition to that, he promised to slay Vorka for their tribe and the chief.

Upon arrival to the Brine Stump Marsh, Keldric encountered a massive spider towering of him by many lengths and standing nearly ten feet tall. Keldric was able to slay “Lots Legs” with mighty swings of his war hammer, and as the spider fell to the ground, Keldric cut out his mandible with his dagger as proof of “Lots Legs” slaying for Chief Gutwad.

A broken down ship rests in the center of the Brine Stump Marsh with smoke coming from chimney towering about the largest stack on top of the old wooden wreckage. As Keldric made his way through the towering ship, climbing his way to the top, he entered the chamber of Vorka. Upon his entry, Keldric encountered Vorka and her larger assistant Toad. Attacking Vorka, Keldric was wrapped up and bound by the massive toad’s tongue preventing him temporally from continuing to attack as Vorka began to cast a spell of dark magic. Through his pure strength, Keldric broke free from the grasps of this Toad which towered over him in size, and he pursued to finish off the witch. With a final blow of his war hammer, Vorka dropped in silence as her last breath was taken. Keldric then turned his attention to Toad as a loud screech was let out before Toad leaped from the top splashing into the waters of the swamp.

Cutting the head of Vorka off to bring to Chief Gutwad, Keldric made haste back to with the fireworks found in the ship as well as the head of Vorka and the mandible of “Lots Legs”. Upon arrival and presenting his findings to the chief, Keldric was greeted welcomingly and a celebration of huge proportions was ordered.

Chief Gutwad signed the treaty as they celebrated the victory and freedom of the Lich Toad Tribe. Chief Gutwad and his people showed great gratitude for Keldric’s victory and assistance provided by the Kingdom of Findal. Keldric was awarded a sword called the Gorge of Gluttons from King Gutwad.

Lick Toad Village

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