Valdric the Divine

Paladin of St. Cuthbert, Lord of the Castle of Findal, Commander of the Knights of Holy Shielding. Murdered by a Drow Assassin while performing royal duties.

After becoming a Paladin of St. Cuthbert in the Eastern Continent, Valdric was assigned to a protection detail of a Missionary by the name of Dar Day Drinn. He was to escort her to the Central Continent in a crusade to bring clerical and religious relief upon the people of Valusia. The Land of Valusia was said to be the last standing hope against the evil that held its grip on the Central Continent.

Along the way Valdric and Dar Day Drinn met a free spirited Gnome by the name of Finn Dally, performing on the docks to the workers. Finn Dally was in search of adventure and looking for work to lift the spirits of adventurers of the open sea.

So it began, Valdric, Dar Day Drinn and Finn Dally set off for the Central Continent on a crusade to save the people of Valusia. During which time, Finn Dally gave Valdric a nickname that would eventually become his title of legend.

Valdric the Divine.

They crusaded across the lands of Valusia, town to town, city to city. Restoring peace and offering religion and clerical aid.

Finn Dally went on to become the King of Valusia, and founded the Kingdom of Findal.

Dar Day Drinn was granted the title of High Priest from St. Cuthbert and opened many churches in Valusia.

Valdric the Divine was given the title of Lord Commander and commissioned to start the Knights of Holy Shielding for the Lands of Valusia.

He fought in the Battle for King’s Port and defended the Castle of Findal from the attacks of the Blood Red Moon.

Valdric the Divine

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