Kingdom of Findal

The Kingdom of Findal stretches from east to west coast of the Realm of Valusia. As far north as the Dread Mountains, going down to the southern coast.

The King of Findal is King Finn Dally, a Gnome Bard from the eastern continent. The Era of the Kingdom of Findal began when King Finn Dally, High Priest Dar Day Drinn and Valdric the Divine seized control of an ancient castle in the north of the Realm of Valusia. This ancient castle was inhabited by Orcs from the Red Hand Tribe, the Orcs had taken control of this castle many years before. They used the castle as a position of power over the people of Valusia.

After several days Finn Dally, Dar Day Drinn and Valdric the Divine had defeated any remaining Orcs that chose to inhabit the castle. Thus declaring it, the Castle of Findal.

Sometime later, Finn Dally and Dar Day Drinn called a meeting with all the Lords and Leaders of the Realm of Valusia. At this meeting Finn Dally and Dar Day Drinn told the people they would return good to this land and fight the evil, bringing hope to this realm for the way things were. A vote was called and Finn Dally was given the title and deeds to the newly named Castle Findal. Dar Day Drinn gave promise to opening a [[Church of St. Cuthbert]] and a clinic to help the people of Valusia. From that day forward the Gnome Bard would be known as King Finn Dally of Castle Findal. As well as Dar Day Drinn named High Priest of the Castle Findal.

King Finn Dally named Valdric the Divine, Lord Commander over the Castle Findal. The King opened his castle doors giving aid to those in the realm that needed the services of adventurers and the High Priest used her clerical powers to help heal those in need.

Kingdom of Findal

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